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Summer is here! Follow our tips and tricks…

The summer time has started and the good weather is back. Holidays with the family or friends are becoming more actual for many of us.

In the city or in the country side, at the beach or in the mountains, at the restaurant or at the museum, wearing a mask is still recommended or even mandatory in many crowded places.

The temperature is getting hot, we all want to enjoy our summer, but especially in safety!

Wearing a mask when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees can be more difficult. However, there are a few tips and tricks to put into practice in order to enjoy the summer safely. Our advice:
  • Wear a light color mask

    Dark colors absorbs heat more easily and therefore heats up faster. It is better to avoid black or dark blue mask while the weather is hot. White or a lighter color, on the other hand, reflects light and therefore does not accumulate as much heat.

    In the evening, however, imagine wearing your elegant outfit to a restaurant with a matching mask! Tropical atmosphere with Le Douanier Rousseau, or be more flowery with Van Gogh

    Our tip: Discover our special Summer section! We have prepared a selection of light colored Kowi Kowi masks so you can stay stylish this summer!


  • Avoid fogging up your sunglasses

To avoid fogging up your sunglasses Kowi Kowi equips all masks with an anti-fog nose clip so that you don’t miss out on anything during your vacation!

Our tip: Finish putting on your Kowi Kowi mask by pinching the nose clip firmly around the bridge of your nose.


  • Cooling off with water?

    When it’s hot some people are tempted to dampen their mask to cool down. This is a mistake! Masks must remain dry under all circumstances to maintain maximum effectiveness.

    It is possible to sweat more than usual in case of strong heat. Don’t hesitate to drink a lot of water while gently unhooking the strap from one ear without touching the front of your mask.

    Our tip: We strongly recommend to change your mask every 4 hours or earlier if you feel moisture when you breathe. Do not hesitate to take several masks with you for the whole day if you think you will be outside for a long time.

    Kowi Kowi masks are designed to be as breathable and comfortable as possible. They are always accompanied by a small hygienic pocket where you can store your mask if it gets wet.


Your Kowi Kowi masks on holiday


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