I have the best vaccine: Laughter!

Kowi Kowi in the “Cat’s den” for a new collaboration

It all started under the label of Belgian Quality. The chocolatier  Pierre Marcolini proudly wearing a “Magritte” mask from Kowi Kowi; Phillipe Geluck, tireless creator of “The Cat”, asking him intrigued more about the Belgian start-up who had launched the idea! And several months later, Kowi Kowi and the famous Belgian cartoonist work on a second collaboration, the new collection of the « Masques du Chat ».

Philippe Geluck : Beyond the fact that the first masks I saw respresented our great Belgian artists, I would say that it was the quality of the manufacture, the development and the seriousness of the tests and certifications that impressed me. After the underwear, the mask is the most intimate thing we wear day to day nowadays. 

It therefore requires a flawless finish, because we must not play with people’s health! There is also the idea of bringing art into everyday life, an idea that is dear to me. Also, with the daily news, which is a bit anxiety-provoking, the Cat on a mask was the idea that laughter, good for health, could act a bit as a natural vaccine! 

That’s what touches you the most today: that lack of smiles on people’s faces?

Philippe Geluck : Yes, even if the eyes above the mask reflect our emotions. It reminded me of my years as an actor’s apprentice in Brussels, I had to act under a neutral white mask!
The first “Masques du Chat” allowed people to express their state of mind in a different way, the message they wanted to convey.

This time, we therefore suggested that people vote on the cloth masks for the 2nd collection with Kowi Kowi, and thus present the smile with the Cat as a theme.


The creation of masks is linked to “living together” and “freedom”

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