Our Story

When safety meets Art.
A new change in our habits has taken place. New hygienic rules are now everywhere we go, to respect and take care of others and ourselves.

KOWI KOWI® is not just a certified and sustainable mask, it’s an experience of more than 15 years in Art by its  founders and a deep search of the best actors and materials in the high quality textile industry. It drove us to create the possiblity to declare a new way of expression by giving the opportunity to wear Art that you really love and be safe in the meantime.

Behind The Mask

Producing a high quality mask with a sustainable philosophy.
Choosing one of Europe’s best factories was imperative to ensure quality while remaining socially and ecologically sustainable.  Based in Portugal and specialized for more than 35 years in the luxury clothing industry our factory continuously invests in the human capital and the development of technical knowledge. Every aspect of the mask is considered in detail. By their hands the Kowi Kowi® masks are produced with great expertise and an unique textile that is made for comfort and breathability while achieving the recommended health requirements for community face masks.

Sustainability has been a primary element in the Kowi Kowi® mask’s development not just a consideration. Every step taken to diminish the mask’s environmental impact has been followed by an iterative discussion of where to go next and how to improve. Kowi Kowi® still continues to look for ways to improve their products in accordance with the needs of a fair and sustainable future.


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