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This barrier mask is intended to complement the protective and social distancing measures. The use of a barrier mask does not remove the need to follow the sanitary and distancing measures. This mask is not a medical device. Purpose of barrier mask: Wearing of a barrier mask constitutes a protective barrier against small particles and droplets in the air.
Mask composition: 100% PES (polyester) fabric.

Manufactured responsibly in Portugal. Finished with elastic bands for the ears and nose clip for a perfect fit. This product has been tested and received the certification by CITEVE, guaranteeing no loss of efficiency over 25 machine wash cycles at 60 °C / 140 °F. We guarantee a certification DNP TS 4575 from the new European Norm CWA 17553: 2020. PRC: (superior or equal 3 µm): >80%: average value: 84%

Comfortable & Adjustable

A highly studied shape, made with super soft breathable fabric, easy to wear, that fits perfectly on your face, with adjustables bands for the ears, a nose clip and a special edge for your chin. It is a one layer system, with no additional filters required. the KOWI KOWI® mask is probably the most comfortable mask you will wear.

Certified CITEVE & OEKO TEX®

The KOWI KOWI® masks are certified by The Technological Center CITEVE®, based in Portugal that is compliant with European legislation and standards. It assures protection  from small particles and droplets in the air. The high-technology yarn is also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Hygienic barrier

The mask and the bag both assure a hygienic protection. The certified KOWI KOWI® mask is a barrier with a Particle Retention Capacity >80% (Average value: 84%). The bag helps you keep your mask in a safe and hygienic place, a smart solution compared to the bottom of your pocket or your bag next to your keys.

Anti-fog for glasses

Wearing glasses? Once you put your mask on and adjust it, you will notice that the shape has been studied to come perfectly under the eyes. Pinch the clip in its middle on your nose, and the KOWI KOWI® mask embraces perfectly your face. The air doesn’t come out from the sides of the mask, helping reducing significantly the fog on your glasses.

Machine Wash

To keep your KOWI KOWI® mask fresh and efficient, we recommend to wash it after a maximum 4 hours of use. Washing program for a minimum of 30 minutes at 60°C / 140°F then let air dry. The polyester fiber is really easy to take care of, and the artworks are printed with a high quality of sublimation, so no worries, the radiant colors will stay after you wash your Kowi Kowi mask.

Reusable Mask & Bag

A reusable mask and bag, it is more eco-friendly. Your KOWI KOWI® mask is not just a washable barrier mask, it is also a collectible, you will never want to throw it away. Also, we wanted to propose a smart packaging, not just a single use one. You can use your bag as a hygienic place for your mask, or use it to keep your small belongings.

Easy Breathe

The high-technology polyester yarn with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® provides the feel of cotton. An improved shape stability and moisture management, and a very easy-care function. You will breathe very easily, and be safe in the meantime. The form of the Kowi Kowi mask is studied to follow the shape of the face, and avoid lateral open air passages, for a maximum of safety.




Made in Europe

The KOWI KOWI® masks are designed in Belgium and made with love in Portugal. The manufacturer works with the highest quality of brands, with the challenge to produce in the most sustainable  way, to diminish the environmental impact. The artworks reproductions are completely authorized, in partnership with Art foundations, right holders and official archives.


Please note: This product is a barrier mask. Please visually inspect the mask for damage before and after every wash cycle. If any damage to the mask is detected the barrier mask must be disposed of. Despite the care taken in the production of the masks, it is the user only that has to use and take care of the mask as described previously. The manufacturer and supplier will accept no liability in the event of a misuse.

The KOWI KOWI® masks are an original creation, brand, drawing and model that belong exclusively to the KOWI KOWI® society, only owner of intellectual property rights. Forbidden to reproduce these creations without authorization.

The high definition sublimation printed artworks are completely authorized; developed in partnership with Art foundations, right holders and official archives.



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