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  • Denis Meyers, Hope 18,95

    The new Kowi Kowi masks collection, in collaboration with Denis Meyers (the socially engaged Belgian artist) expresses in this mask a strong message: HOPE. The word was chosen for its intimate link with “living together”, in the hope for a better future. The mask speaks to its surrounding and is at the same time comfortable and easy to breath with. The artist’s signature black and white mask is easy to match with any outfit while passing a message of hope around you.

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  • Denis Meyers, Liberté 18,95

    The “LIBERTÉ” (French for: freedom) mask from the new Kowi Kowi collection with Denis Meyers is undoubtedly the most representative mask for the artist’s style. The intertwining mass of words is one of Denis Meyer’s signatures, recognizable at a glance. This typography style is an important and reoccurring element in his work and an essential expression to share in this collaboration.
    The storm of words on your mask expresses many messages when you wear it. It’s up to you and your surroundings to spot them.

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  • Denis Meyers, Life 18,95

    LIFE is a part of the new Kowi Kowi collection. It is one of the 4 masks imagined and drawn by the urban and multitalented artist Denis Meyers. Each in a different style but all linked to the theme of living together and freedom.
    The artwork’s title “LIFE”, in opposition to the skulls illustrated on the mask, is a way for the artist to express his personal representation of death. A stage in life as complicated and difficult as the stage of adolescence or old age. For that reason, the mask is not meant to represent negativity. But to express LIFE.

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